Sunday Football

In the summer of 1990, freshly graduated from university, a group of friends started playing pick-up touch football on Sunday afternoons. A rag tag collection with a variety of experience, they played in all kinds of weather without limit. Today they still do. Though the membership of the group has changed, the core remains. Not exactly unchanged, in all the years, but technically they're the same people. That may have something to do with the "Sunday Beer & Wings" that usually follows football.

And now we've gone all high-tech with a website. Why? Partly, "why not?", but partly it's for the convenience of communication (email), and partly for reference to things like rules, plays, defence, and the fields where we play (and where we drink). And in addition you can check out the infrequently updated (more like moribund) blog.

Use this page as the hub to all that is Sunday Football.