Introduction to the attendance page

More web site wanking from your host since I'm confident that no-one ever looks and so they won't notice this new page.

There a bunch of features built into the attendance spreadsheet that you may not have noticed, so I'm going to highlight them here.

Here's a screenshot of the attendance page:

The big blurry section in the middle is where the names and responses go, along with any notes (e.g. "Maybe", "Game day", etc.). 3 items have been circled and numbered.

Attendance grid
  1. (Upper right) Location: this is where we're playing this week.It's a link to the Fields page, so if you don't know where that field is you can check there. *cough* Tyler *cough*
  2. (Lower left) Are we playing? If it says "Yes!" then we have enough people to play. If it says "It's possible" it means we don't have enough yet, but there are enough people who haven't answered yet that could make the number, so might happen. "No" means it can't happen.
  3. (Lower right) If your name is in this box, it means you didn't reply, or I forgot to update the spreadsheet. If you're sure you replied, make sure you replied to all and not just to whoever's message you respond to. When in doubt, just at the regulars@ email address to the To: or Cc: field.