We have a few standard fields we play on, and if you haven't played in a while, the "usual" field may have changed.


The "default" field is currently Hazeldean school field, to go with our new regular bar (see Aprés Football), the Time Out (formerly Ecco) Pub. Approximate address, like the pub, is 9605 66 ave. NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada, if you're going to Google Map it.

Aprés Football

After trying several alternatives, the new go-to place is the Time Out Pub (which used to be the Ecco Pub), 9605 66 ave.

Past fields and common alternatives

In the past we have used other fields, and occasionally when we need to move for some reason, we use one of the following fields:

Lister Field

Approximate Address: 8410 117 st NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, Canada

Next to our original grass field, it started as a good "springtime is wet time" field (because of the Field-Turf™) or when the usual field gets icy. It was used for most of the 2006-2007 winter. Often used during winter or wet or icy springs.

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Aprés Football

One of the major contentious issues for this location, the drinking establishments are problematic.

  • Hudson's on Campus has limited parking and expensive beer
  • the nearest bars to the field, like the Windsor Pub aren't open on Sundays.
  • We tried Plato's (109 st South of 87 ave) but it was just expensive as Hudson's, with lower quality food and beer.
  • The next current candidates are Avenue Pizza (112 st South of 87 ave).

Currently it's a game day decision each time, with the tendency being to return to the Time Out pub near Hazeldean.

Windsor Park

Approximate Address: 8743 118 st NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, Canada

Our usual backup if Lister is being used.

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Aprés Football

Due to its proximity, we use the same drinking venue as Lister Hall.

Ecole Maurice Lavallee

Our previous regular field was Ecole Maurice Lavallee field. The approximate address equivalent for the field is "8890 95 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, Canada", if you want to plug it into Google Maps, like here:

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Aprés Football

Afterwards, for many years we went to Honest Mur's Bar on 82 ave at 91 st., but as of Jan 21, 2009 it has closed. In its place is a new bar, but we haven't tried it. We have also tried the closer bar which used to be Frog & Nightgown but is now Duggan's Boundary Irish Pub. Expensive with average quality.

Faculté St. Jean

Approximate Address: 9341 84 ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, Canada

This used to be our regular field, but we kept pissing off the soccer club that was actually leasing the field because we'd chew it up in the spring when everything was wet.

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Aprés Football

Same as for Maurice Lavallee.

Mark's place

Approximate Address: 53416 Range Road 210.

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Aprés Football

Obviously, this one is its own location.